the nationwide public safety broadband network and next generation 911:
maximizing their potential

The Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN), being implemented by the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) and Next Generation 911 are game-changers for the public safety industry because they will make possible what was previously thought impossible. These networks represent a quantum leap forward for the industry; however, they are destined to fall short of their full potential. 

The reason for this shortcoming is that these two networks are viewed as separate and different networks. This has to change—the industry needs to stop thinking and talking about the NPSBN and NG911 as individual entities. Instead it needs to talk about a new revolutionary public safety communications platform.

Authored by Kevin Murray, CEO and president of Mission Critical Partners, this report presents the case for why public safety and government leaders should change their thinking as it relates this critical implementation. Building on the argument, the report discusses what's required to truly reshape the industry and outlines the key steps we need to take to get from here to there.

The report contains

  • Background about this compelling and critical issue
  • Why changing our future means changing our approach
  • Lessons we can learn from history
  • The steps we can take to get there