Trends in Public Safety and emergency communications Facility Design

Achieve Operational Integrity with your Upcoming mission critical facility project

Thursday, January 25, 2018
2:00 PM EST

Public safety answering points (PSAPs), 911 centers,  Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs), and other public safety facilities have unique complexities—extremely stringent security and safety requirements and scalability and continuity of operations needs—to name a few. If your organization is planning a facility upgrade or expansion in the near future, this is a can't miss session that will present strategies for optimizing the functional use of space to achieve operational integrity; and how you can achieve resiliency in the face of any natural and manmade threats your facility may face.

Public safety facility discussion topics include:

  • Case studies in technology, audio/visual and systems survivability from natural and manmade threats
  • Overview of the applicable codes and best practices related to mission critical facilities
  • Master planning, pre-design and design methods that public safety subject matter experts and architects utilize
  • How specialized technology requirements impact space programming, building systems and design

Hosted by:

Pat-McFeely.jpgPat McFeely, Senior Technology Specialist, Mission Critical Partners

Pat is the program manager and lead technical consultant for MCP's Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) project. He has assisted with the design, construction, and systematization of ten emergency operations and 911 facilities over the past seven years, and has replaced multiple radio systems, alert warning systems and general information technology systems.